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Full Training and Support

All Intelligent Trainer software packages are fully supported technically with a Support desk.  We provide basic training in the use of the application and can provide specific training packages for Sports Specific monitoring.

Research shows that Analytical skills vary depending on individual background and experience. We are here to support and help to maximise these skills with Intelligent Trainer.


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The company behind ‘Intelligent Trainer’

Our ‘Intelligent’ vision...

The growth of wearable fitness devices in the marketplace has been relentless and the 'tech-savvy' are buying them in abundance, individuals are comparing and counting calories and endless steps walking to the nearest coffee house or around the supermarket, whilst being 'buzzed' that they must go to bed at a certain time.   Undoubtedly an obsession is now prevalent that has moved the self-tracking market from niche functional tracking into mainstream use.

I started my main business brand SUMAQ Ltd in 2010 to offer businesses a service that gave a methodical approach to managing all facets of business data, relating data to performance and developing methodologies to handle missing and inconsistent data.  We have a portfolio of specific industry related brands (See below) in mainstream markets.  Over the years, I have managed personal long-term injury, trained and exercised at the highest intensities and, like most, been confronted with general life stresses that at some point, would have affected my well-being. Understanding, recording and learning to move on from these situations forged the idea to develop an application that revealed honesty in statistics.  

I have a passion for exercise and fitness and since starting out in business, have had a vision not to compete with these wearable fitness device companies, but to develop an application that revealed data facts with real, transparent statistics; with the analysis not to solely determine a decision but to empower individuals to make a combined decision of statistics and physiological facts.  There is a worryingly noticeable growth in the over reliance of solely using statistics as an alternative to judgement but with Intelligent Trainer I believe we have found the balance of interactive analysis in fitness and sport.  

The Intelligent Trainer brand continues its development journey, targeting the fitness and well-being markets, which started initially with an opportunity in professional Rugby Union with the Exeter Chiefs in 2013.  We are continuing to develop a portfolio of fitness products for professional coaches, individual athletes and education professionals and our software packages offer health conscious individuals, the chance to learn a little about self-preservation, not just as a short-term trend but as a permanent and realistic part of their lives to create a 'fitness passport' of their physical well-being.   

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