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All Intelligent Trainer software packages are fully supported technically with a Support desk.  We provide basic training in the use of the application and can provide specific training packages for Sports Specific monitoring.

Research shows that Analytical skills vary depending on individual background and experience. We are here to support and help to maximise these skills with Intelligent Trainer.


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Beddit Sleep Monitor and Wellness Coach


Beddit is virtually invisible, just sleep on your own bed!

With Beddit, you do not need to wear any kind of sensors or wearables on your body, or have any additional gadgets.  Beddit is so thin that you won't notice it in your bed! During the night, an ultra-thin Beddit sensor monitors your sleep, All you need to do is place the sensor under the bed sheets.  

The Beddit Sleep Monitor and App are here!

Unlock the Secret of Sound Sleep and learn more about your sleep based on your personal details set in your App profile. Beddit Sleep Monitor checks your sleep accurately and without any wearable sensors. All you need to do is sleep while Beddit takes care of the rest. Beddit measures sleep using ballistocardiography (BCG), a method for measuring cardiorespiratory functions. It measures your heart rate, respiration, sleep cycles, sleep time. Beddit technology is developed in cooperation with Helsinki Sleep Clinic, VitalMed Research Center and leading experts in sleep medicine. Patented technology is unique and clinically proven.

Beddit Sleep Monitor and Wellness Coach


Beddit is placed directly on your mattress, under the sheets. The Sensor connects to your mobile device and the Beddit application provides you with your sleep analysis. The Beddit Sleep Monitor measures sleep time, heart rate, respiration rate and any night-events such as snoring and bed exits.


Beddit 2.0 App, has been redesigned for simplicity with more detailed info and easy-to-understand explanations behind each set of data. Beddit's data set is the most complete as it includes everything from heart rate graph with minimum, maximum, and total HR averages, sleep remarks based on nightly and multi-night information, restless sleep score and breathing frequency. You can visualize your sleep cycles, night time events and snoring in the Beddit timeline.


The mini-history view in Beddit 2.0 provides an at-a-glance impression of your past week's sleeping activity, utilizing a bar of bubbles across the top of the screen that can be quickly scrolled through to survey months of data. The bubbles' colour changes with the sleep parameter you select, and the bubbles' sizes reflect differences between each days' measurements, from sleep scores and sleep efficiency to heart rate and respiration. Most mornings you don't have the time to check out every detail of your latest night's sleep, you just want to check out the big picture: the quickly overview consists of your night's main results and remarks, followed by the more detailed card view.


Each morning Beddit 2.0 App provides you with a complete sleep analysis and personalized coaching tips. The cards give you deeper insight to your sleep quality, sleep score and resting heart rate. Beddit App gives you sleep related couching tips, based on your preferences set in your profile. These include tips about variation in sleep efficiency, circadian rhythm, sleep duration and heart rate.


Better sleep equals happier families! With Beddit Family, you can gather your family's data onto one single page and see how everyone is sleeping. Follow your individual family member's long-term and 14-day median trend data on amount of sleep, sleep efficiency and resting heart rate.

Also with Beddit Smart WakeUp Experience you'll wake up at a light stage of sleep when your body is most ready to awake, feeling well-rested and refreshed. Download the Beddit application and start sleeping!

£189.00 +P & P

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Beddit Sleep Monitor


Beddit Sleep Monitor and Wellness Coach