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Full Training and Support

All Intelligent Trainer software packages are fully supported technically with a Support desk.  We provide basic training in the use of the application and can provide specific training packages for Sports Specific monitoring.

Research shows that Analytical skills vary depending on individual background and experience. We are here to support and help to maximise these skills with Intelligent Trainer.


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Your periodisation Planning and is made simple, with options to make your planning totally bespoke to your sports requirements.

Combine the Intelligent Trainer Team application with our Team Cardiac monitoring package and target real-time cardiac performance retaining the data for historical analysis. Integrate the Heart rate Data with the ‘Beast Technologies’ Velocity training results to really achieve detailed information about the Power, Speed, Explosiveness and Strength gains of each athlete within an team.  

Intelligent Trainer has varies levels of features that can be adapted to your club or organisation.  Once you see the results flowing into Intelligent Trainer you will start to see the potential of combining data, being able to analyse current and historical statistics all at your fingertips via any device.  

Live Team Monitoring Software by Acentas, combine this with  the Intelligent Trainer Team Package for total team monitoring.

Maintaining a competitive edge in today's sporting arenas requires high levels of skill and understanding of an individuals or a team's performance.  Intelligent Trainer is a standalone multi platform software package that has the functionality to collect and summarise, into an easy to read graphical interface, the critical data used in sports environments that monitor teams and athletes.

Winning teams will analyse their athlete's activities by collecting data that gathers information about the physical, tactical and technical requirements of their sport to improve training and game performance; this can determine the “thin line” between winning and losing.

Evidence Based, the facts at your fingertips…

Intelligent Trainer produces evidence based results; it does not calculate subjective data nor does it make assumptions, it allows the coaches to think objectively about the results they see, Intelligent Trainer allows coaches and athletes to make the right decisions for each individual athlete, this coupled with the minimum amount of input required, saves vast amounts of time and reduces errors to a minimum.

Combine the Live Studio Heart Rate Software by Acentas with the Intelligent Trainer Studio Package for added monitoring over time, to view fitness progress.

Standard Software Package Includes

Add-on Products

Intelligent Trainer  - Official Supplier of Team Data Monitoring Products for the

Exeter Chiefs

If you wish to pay for an order on Invoice with a Purchase Order Number or pay by BACS Please click below and complete the ‘Payment on Invoice’ form.  Once received, an invoice for payment will be sent to the email address submitted on the form within 48 hours.   When the full invoice payment has been received and cleared, the order will then be processed and dispatched in accordance with our terms and conditions.    

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Team Heart Rate Monitoring system up to 40 HR Monitors, receiver range 400 metres

Intelligent Trainer Live Team Package




Intelligent Trainer Live Team Package

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Heart Rate Chest Belt - Move Sense

The acentas heart rate monitors are not certified for medical applications.

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Heart Rate Chest Belt with Move Sensor




Heart Rate Chest Belt - Flat

The acentas heart rate monitors are not certified for medical applications.

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Heart Rate Chest Belt - Flat Design, Ideal for Contact Sports




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