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All Intelligent Trainer software packages are fully supported technically with a Support desk.  We provide basic training in the use of the application and can provide specific training packages for Sports Specific monitoring.

Research shows that Analytical skills vary depending on individual background and experience. We are here to support and help to maximise these skills with Intelligent Trainer.


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The analysis of heart rate and heart rate variability is increasingly becoming the focus of individual training programmes and for studio classes. Healthy competition can be great funs when class participants can see the results of their hard work whilst exercising.  The Acentas Studio System is a proven Team Heart Rate monitoring system for professional sport teams ideal for training or competitive event monitoring.  

This system can monitor and receive heart rate signals for up to 20 people simultaneously to a range of 20 metres in an indoor environment.  Once a session is completed the data is available and emailed to class participants with the results of their efforts  The data export formats and can be analysed and documented in a follow-up.  These files contain the details of the Chest ID strap used, a time stamp showing start time, end time, duration of the session, Zone Exertion and all heart rate values in a second split. The file format is in hrm which can be imported by several software programs for deeper analysis.  

Heart Rate Monitoring - Studio System

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The system is designed to visualise every belt being in range within a gym or studio but groups can be set up and seen for particular classes.   Configuring the system is very simple, individuals data is entered when a group for a class is set up.

Example screen shots of the summary data available during a session recording.

Above are examples of the live displays for the Studio System.  Functions are available to determine the number of participants you want to view.  You can see 3, 4 or five in a horizontal row depending on the number of participants you are monitoring.  On the left is the live actual data showing the Percentage of Heart Rate to the Individuals Maximum  Heart Rate and on the right shows the live view and the percentage of time spent n each of the HR Zones set.  


Studio Heart Rate Monitoring system up to 20 HR Monitors, receiver range 400 metres

Intelligent Trainer Live Studio Package




Intelligent Trainer Live Studio Package